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Just something I made during last week to improve my weapon art skills. Really like how it turned out, although it has several shading artifacts. Apparently the only thing you should really use to model are quads.
Dark-colored variation of the standard SCAR-L rifle (Special-Operations-Forces Combat Assault Rifle). The real thing is made by Belgian FN Herstal, but I used one of my made-up trademarks because why not. Almost 28K triangles, one single material with 2K textures. It's game-ready and made for FPS games.
Unity Asset Store wouldn't let me upload it because of trademark issues, so I just published it on Sketchfab, as usual:
Feedback is welcome, although I know the mistakes I've made and the flaws in the model, so I won't make the same mistakes next time anyways. Thanks for your time and have a good day!
EDIT: I fixed some of the normal errors and made some new screenshots. The lower receiver is still a mess, but hopefully the rest is a bit less painful to look at. Cheers!

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